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Raising $1MIL to expand company and inventory

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Eco-Technology is the FIRST AND ONLY U.S. manufacturer of biodegradable, recycable waste baskets (Eco-Bin) made from reclaimed paper goods. It has also been used in temporary hospitals to help stem the spread of COVID-19.  There is a market of OVER 500 million Eco-Bins ($1.75 Billion), NOT counting government needs, annually in the U.S. hen you add in Canada, Europe and Asia the market grow to 2.5 billion Eco-Bins ($8.75 billion).  Eco-Technology clears $0.75 in profit for every basket sold. We have been selling the Eco-Bin since 1994 and they are used extensively in the tradeshow industry.  On an annual basis we keep 120+ TONS of plastic out of landfills, just from tardeshow alone.  Now with the rising tide of COVID-19 we have found that the Eco-Bin is perfect for hotels, office buildings, hospitals government offices... AND saves the business owner money on the sanitization of offices and public areas.  It takes 1,561 Eco-Bins to produce the same carbon foot print as a plastic wastebasket.
We currently are the exclusive supplier of Eco-Bins To GES ( Conventions and Tradeshows) as well as the U.S. supplier of Eco-Bins to Informa (International Management firm)

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