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Raising up to $1.5MM to create new industry in musculoskeletal diagnostics at the point of care

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When someone receives a traumatic musculoskeletal injury, the status quo is they either don't receive a full diagnosis, or they pay a lot of money for an MRI. This leaves most people undiagnosed; particularly underserved populations. Ultrasound has proven to be just as effective as MRI at diagnosing musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries. The problem is, becoming proficient at MSK Ultrasound requires hundreds of hours and is a very steep learning curve. We have built a unique tele-sonography platform that allows health care practitioners to perform diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasounds at the point of care with minimal training.

  • Multiple patents pending
  • 30 Certified RMSK Sonographers committed to providing diagnostic supply
  • Phase I SBIR Grant from National Science Foundation
  • 1st client acquired with multiple commitments in sales pipeline
  • Experienced management team including PhD math, PhD physical therapy, 6 graduate degrees, multiple exits
  • 10 team members who have made major sacrifices in their careers to be a part of our journey
  • Returning MSK Ultrasound diagnostic reports to practitioners in 5-10 minutes
  • $28 Billion TAM

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