Ebiz Brokerage

Raising $500K for initial seed capital during the launch (jan 1st). We have investors lined up for 1st stage investment.

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National online portal listing site for "businesses for sale" and "commercial real estate". Potential in the hundreds of millions. We have already invested nearly 200K in our prototype.  We are seeking seed capital to establish marketing and expenses for the initial start up period.  We fully expect a second round of funding in the 3rd to 4th quarter of 2021. 
Our closest competitor was acquired recently for $860 million. Our site will offer as many as five advantages to this competitor. 
The concept can grow to an international market and will be highly sought during the pandemic and beyond. We will be promoting commercial space, commercial for sale buildings and business opportunities during a period that millions of square feet of real estate space will be offered by brokers. 

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