Drop Down Security Delivery System

Raising money for my patent drop down hidden garage door panel invention only delivery system when pkgs are inside the garage

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patent drop down hidden garage door panel for small package del. Panel falls down when code is punched, place pkgs inside garage, close panel and leave pkgs safe and eliminates theft.
Every time you place an order and have it delivered to your house, where do they leave the packages.  Outside the front door.  Even the people who purchased the "Ring" visual camera they see a person with a mask on.  This person steals the packages.  Close to 40+ percent of customers have had packages stolen from their front door.
Another option is let the person into your house.  Why would you let a person unknown to you enter your house.  He maybe honest, he could go to the bathroom, look into the refrig for a cool drink or the cabinets for a snack.
My Patent is On your garage door, one of the panels will pop open to receive the packages and then the panel would be shut by the driver and now the package is safe, dry, no physical contact, and no lost or stolen claim is paid.
Amazon Prime budgets $25M per day for lost or stolen claims.  That comes to over $9 Billion a year on lost or stolen claims.
Amazon Prime is the 4th largest carrier, consider USPS UPS and FedEx they are all larger than Prime so annual lost or stolen claims for these 4 top small package delivery carriers is in excess of $30 Billion.
In the US there are 64 million homes with garage doors.  64 million potential aftermarket kit sales.  The kits would be marketed through the network of Garage Door installers.  Right now they have nothing to sell as options to make extra sales.  These installers would purchase the kits from my company, remove the panel from the garage door, install the key pad and locking system, slide the panel back into the garage door and all deliveries will be safe for the future.  The delivering carriers save Billions, consider the rest of the world for added sales and the potential is in the billions of dollars.
if you take 64 million homes with a kit cost of $400 that equals to over $25Billion in sales.  Then consider the companies that make the new doors who would add this drop panel as an option when they sell the new doors, the sales keep growing.
Everyone is lazy, they are ordering groceries medicines liquor food anything that needs to be delivered and safe.
I have the Patent on it.
Thank you for consideration.
I live in San Antonio, I am 77 years old, my cell phone # is 210-286-4852  Home 210-493-1424 and office 210-225-6745.
Bob Safstrom, Inventor

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