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Raising $2m to fuel global adoption of Web3 and NFTs.

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Drawstring leverages differentiated web3 technology and engagement tools. Drawstring helps fans and customers get the most value out of their relationship with the artists, brands they love, and helps artists connect with fans in ways that maximize their engagement and revenue. Our business model/platform is essentially made up of 3 parts.

First, we built the platform to use for our clients. My team has worked with a lot of famous clienteles (Wu Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Rick Ross, numerous pro athletes, and other famous brands) and the majority are looking to get into the Web3 space (some have, and a lot failed). We wanted to use the best possible tools for them as we kept seeing campaign failures and a lot of holes in the sales cycle/onboarding process. So, we built a platform ourselves on NEAR protocol.

The point of using the tech and white label is to highlight what the technology and what our platform can do. We want others to come replicate what we are doing/creating their own strategies using our platform to launch their own NFT campaigns. Our platform and marketplace allows like minded companies, brands, and marketers to seamlessly launch NFT campaigns and onboard a non-crypto native audience easily with a few clicks of a button. Our claim link tech allows anyone to sell NFTs on any website and not be bound by any special web 3 processors.

Additionally, we have built out an API where a client can replicate our minting platform or even our secondary marketplace, essentially reskinning our platform for their own brand/following. This would need to be for a larger client with a large very engaged audience. We are already doing one with Curator Live which is the largest photo booth software in the country.

Finally, the true end user of the NFTs. I purchased this NFT and I am now a drawstring user. What does this NFT do within the platform and how else can I be engaged? Can I create? Can I explore? We want a great experience for the true end user and give them a reason to keep coming back.

Our platform is live, and we have run a few beta tests with some major artists/brands like Julianne Moore, the actors fund, Jim Jones, Baron Davis, NFTLA, NFTNYC, and Canibus. We are doing our first 2 major drops this fall, one being with Rakim, which we are creating a revolutionary new fan engagement by creating a DAO that will create songs/an album with the legend himself. We are also currently onboarding numerous other companies more specifically in the marketing realm.

We have built out and continually are adding features and tools such as: easy token gating, a music player, DAO creation, and full fiat capabilities to name a few. We have many more features and tools we plan to add in the near future.

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