Delta Oil Investment

Raising money to help fulfill the necessary payout to investors in our company

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I was fortunate enough to receive accreditation from Exxon Mobil to buy crude oil , and ship it to the Netherlands where it will be refined and sold on the global market.  Delta Oil Investment  was born from the constant successful contracts by many oil merchants who had contacted me to refine and deliver to them. They form the base of our ready market.  We are professionals in this area, a formidable team of expertise.  I am an engineer who has worked in this field for over ten years, and my two partners as well.  Our team is ready to take on any challenges, but all we need is investors:  For example, invest $25,000 U.S. and in three months time, collect anywhere up to 110% solid profit.  An option is given to re-invest all or part of the proceeds.  If you decide to proceed, the return on investment becomes even more impressive - after another 3 months.  Partnership is available as well.   Our product is crude and the finished products of petroleum.  Investors are needed to partner with us to grow this wonderful opportunity.  I, personally, have over $20 million U.S. to invest in Delta Oil Investment.  Our website is located at‚Äč

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