EarthWind Technologies LLC

New VAWT Wind Turbine technology. American Company American Patents.

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Earthwind Technologies is new VAWT direct to generator wind turbine with sizes 100kw, 150kw, 250kw 500mw, and 1MW. This opportunity is for our current Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Republic of Georgia for a 50MW wind farm in the outskirts of Tbilisi Georgia.
 The Republic of Georgia has agreed to a 50MW PPA with Earthwind Technologies LLC an American Wind Turbine manufacturer with patents based in America. The 50MW wind farm output will go directly into the Country’s electric grid. The electricity created by Earthwind will be used to support outlying areas and surrounding Countries such as Turkey and Ukraine.
The partners of the PPA are Earthwind Technologies and Georgia Energy Development Fund (GEDF) owned by the Republic of Georgia. This Guarantees the takeout of 100% of the energy produced by EarthWind's turbines. We are directly connected to the main electric grid of a sovereign Country. The minimum opportunity is $5,000,000 maximum is $10,000,000 the ROI is 200% funds distributed monthly. 
The Bank of Singapore will fund the building of the wind farm in the Republic of Georgia.
Attached you will find the visual Investor pack. 
 We have three more PPA's and 800 MW in negotiations. The investor that joins us in the Georgia PPA will have an opportunity to work with us in other opportunities.  

Please see attached file:

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