Feature Film Seeking $300K in Funding, Offering 125% ROI and 50% of the Net

Raising $300K to produce a theatrical feature film by an award-winning production team!

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We are currently in the midst of pre-production for our upcoming feature film, "The Thing with Feathers" - a dark comedic thriller taking place in 1886, New York. Production is slated to begin October of 2022 under a $350K budget and we are looking for an investor partner to help bring our vision to life. We have created a comprehensive pitch deck and received a high-scoring script (72) on the Slated platform. The film will be shot in the state of New York and Rhode Island over the course of 23 days. 30K was already invested in the film's development, $50K is already raised and an extra $50K commitment is in place for P&A (Prints and Advertising) via Dark Passage Films (Pickings, HomeBound).

Directing duo Usher Morgan (Pickings, Prego) and Katie Vincent (Windblown) are attached to the project and will be co-producing the film alongside Mike McGuirk (John Wick, Ted), Grady Justice, and Nikki Schwarer (Loving Vincent {Academy Award Nominee}). We have partnered with Pat McCorkle with McCorkle Casting (Die Hard, Californiacation) to secure a name talent for the lead of "Peter." Casting begins in 30 days (August 1st) and thus far cast attachments include Katie Vincent as the lead, Susan Gallagher (Cobra Kai, Loki) and Hunter Emery (Orange is the New Black).

Title: The Thing with Feathers
Genre: Period, Dark Comedy, Thriller
MPAA Rating: "R"
(Rated R for violence and language throughout, and for some drug use)
Running Time: TBD
​Aspect Ratio: 1.85
Budget: $350K
Production Dates: 10/17/22 - 11/17/22
Estimated Theatrical Release Date: 10.2024
Estimated VOD / DVD / Blu-Ray Release Date: 01.2025

In Gilded-Age New York, a rebellious woman plans to divorce her emotionally unstable husband. Consequently, a polite and civilized evening spirals violently into pandemonium. Some things never change... until they do.

Dead dreams and broken promises drive a wedge between a married couple fallen out of love. A once “perfect home” now wreaks of resentment, anger, animosity and ruin. Katherine Greene has made the biggest of big decisions: divorce. Not an easy feat for a Lady of the House a la 1886. Unfortunately, her soon-to-be NOT husband, Peter Greene, has planned a most important dinner party at the very same time. Stakes are high, motives are ripe, and bad news taints already murky waters. After learning of Katherine’s plans, Peter decides to flip the script, abruptly dismissing himself from an otherwise disaster of an evening. In Peter’s absence, Katherine carpes her last diem in residence-- by screwing Peter’s brother, of course! This sets an already “Peeping Pete” on a path of absolute destruction.  Peter breaks into his own home, hog-tying his wife and brother, leaving them in the non- consensual position of “what’s next?” Calamity ensues, marriage unfurls, and comedy (fortunately) continues. A House of Horrors meets a Comedy of Manners, where distrust spreads like wildfire, and a union that once had a future now lies dead in cold blood.

Comparable films include Promising Young Women, The Favourite, Ready or Not, A Marriage Story, and Black Swan.

Promising Young Women
- Budget -
$6m; Box Office - $17.2m; ROI - 186%

- The Favourite
- Budget - $15m; Box Office - $95.9m; ROI - 539.33%

- Emma
Budget - $10m; Box Office - $26.4m; ROI - 164%

- Ready or Not
Budget - $6m; Box Office - $57.6m; ROI -  860%

Average ROI - 432.7%

We will be filming from 10/7 to 11/7 in Newport, RI and Upstate New York. Post production is slated to begin later that week (November 10th). Our team will be editing the film in 8 weeks to hit the January 5th Tribeca Film Festival deadline. The rest of 2023 will be spent in the festival circuit (we'll submit the film to Cannes, Raindance, SXSW, Austin, and others over the course of the year). The film's release date will be announced publicly in early 2025 and be slated for that year. Distribution is already secured via Dark Passage Films, which will use its relationship with AMC to put the film in theaters before going to VOD, DVD, Blu-Ray. We'll utilize our sales agents in pitching the film to NetFlix, Hulu, and foreign markets.

Dark Passage Films will handle the release, marketing, press, and festival circuit. The company has plan B distribution in place, which will kick in unless a significant offer is received from a larger film distributor (in the realm of A24 or Neon) during the film's festival circuit. The company, which has a relationship with AMC theaters, handled the theatrical and VOD release of Morgan's previous film, Pickings, which had its red carpet premiere at the AMC Loews in New York City's Lincoln Square. The company is willing to commit an extra $50K in P&A (Prints and advertising) as well as fund the film's limited theatrical release in 2024, if need be.

Investors will recoup 125% of their investment before any profits are distributed. After that point, all of the net profits will be split on a 50/50 basis, with 50% being distributed to the investors on a pro rata basis and the remaining 50% going to the producing entity.

Section 168(k) Deduction under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) allows investors to take a 100% tax deduction for the feature film or television series in the first year of distribution in the United States and if the film qualifies under the original qualification standards of Section 168(k).   

For revenue projections, financial plans, a budget breakdown, and additional information - please contact us.

As a primary investor in the film, you will receive an "Executive Producer", single title credit during the film's opening sequence and your company will receive a logo placement before the film's opening sequence. In addition, you will receive tickets to the film's red carpet premiere, gain access to the set and be a part of making a feature film.

You're probably asking yourself, why only $350,000? that's not a lot of money to make a film. Will this film look and feel like a low budget flick? or will it have all the bells and whistles of a Hollywood blockbuster? Well, to answer your question - our production company (Dark Passage Films) will be providing the production with $60K worth of gear at absolutely no additional cost. We'll be filming this feature on high-end RED Cinema Cameras (The Red Gemini), and have access to Gimbals, dollys, lights and other gear at no cost. In addition, most of the film will take place within a single location (A historical Rhode Island mansion), which saves a LOT of money. The location is not only gorgeous, but will save us over $100K in production design, dressing and labor, since most of its interior is true to the period (1886). Our previous films speak for themselves, we know how to make movies look more expensive than they actually are.


Usher Morgan
Writer, Director, Producer

Usher Morgan is an award-winning screenwriter, film director, and producer residing in New York City. In 2014, Morgan entered production on his first narrative short film, Prego. The film gained national recognition and received positive reviews across the board. In total the film received six wins and thirteen nominations. It also amassed a cult following and over 1.5m views on YouTube, as well as it being translated into five languages. Morgan's first feature film, Pickings was released to wide acclaim and received a limited theatrical release via AMC Independent in March of 2018. The film was released to favorable reviews, it won six awards and eleven nominations and currently has an 80% positive score on Rotten Tomatoes. In total, Morgan wrote, directed, and produced nine short films and one feature film. The Thing with Feathers will be his second directorial effort alongside his creative partner, Katie Vincent. The Los Angeles Times calls Usher Morgan, "a talent to watch". The 405 listed "Pickings" in its "Top 18 films of 2018" list.

Katie Vincent
Writer, Director, Producer

Katie Vincent is a multi-faceted creative based in New York City. She is an award-winning actress, screenwriter, film director, producer and singer / songwriter. She received her BFA in Drama from Tisch NYU and has appeared in theatrical works across the region including Columbia University’s MFA Drama Program, Playhouse On Park, and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, among others. Over the course of the last five years, Katie has appeared in seven feature films, as well as ten short film projects, as a lead and/or supporting role. She was co-producer and co-writer on the theatrically-released feature film, Pickings. As a result, she has been featured and praised in various magazines and periodicals for her work. Highlights include: Urban Update, Elmore Magazine and Vents Magazine. Katie has also received acting accolades from festivals and magazines such as the LA Times, The 405, UK Film Review, and One Film Fan, among others. In 2019, Vincent wrote, directed, and produced her debut short film, Windblown, which has gone on to win awards in various categories such as “Best Short Film”, “Best Directing”, and “Best Actress”. The film concluded its festival tour with over a dozen awards and more than 20 nominations including a “Finalist” status at the prestigious Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival.
Mike McGuirk


Michael McGuirk is a producer, AD and director, known for his work on Ted, Ted 2, John Wick, Irrational Man, Boardwalk Empire and Gossip Girl. McGuirk works on  various productions, ranging from gorilla-style shoots to studio features meeting the needs of partners around the world. Many of the projects and feature films he produces are social impact oriented with the goal of improving our world and understanding of one another. 

Pat McCorkle
Casting Director

With strong roots in theater and in directing, a flair for the unexpected, and tireless perseverance, Pat McCorkle, founder and president of McCorkle Casting Ltd., is well known as one of the top casting directors in New York. Raised in central New Jersey, McCorkle began working in theater during high school.  After graduating from Douglass College with a B.A. in theater, she went on to New York University to earn a graduate degree in theater education, with a focus on directing.  In 1974, after a brief stint teaching high school English and working as a stage manager in summer stock theater, she was invited by Alan Wasser to join New York's legendary Broadway theater, The Circle in the Square. Working first as subscription manager, and then as an assistant to the artistic director, McCorkle found herself drawn to casting and began work as a casting assistant. In 1976, she moved to TCG (Theater Communication Group), a non-profit casting clearing house for theaters around the country.  During her tenure there, she ran the National Student Auditions, discovering such future stars as Kelsey Grammer, Harriot Harrison, and Jamey Sheridan.  Also during this time, she began working with every major regional theater in the United States and Canada.  This allowed her to forge associations and pipelines to new talent which continue to this day, and established her as a new force on the national theater scene. In 1979, she formed McCorkle-Sturtevant Casting Ltd. with partner Roger Sturtevant.  In 1982, when Sturtevant left to work in the advertising business, the company name was changed to McCorkle Casting Ltd. With McCorkle's influence in the theater firmly established, she soon branched into film and television, where she again brought the company to the top of the profession.  McCorkle Casting has worked with some of the best directors and biggest stars in the entertainment business, and has cast a long list of unknown young actors who have gone on to become household names.

Grady Justice
Executive Producer

Grady Justice is the Co-Founder & President of Capeside Studios, a full-service independent production and marketing boutique offering creative services, production/post support, marketing and independent distribution strategies and solutions. Grady began his career in New England as a SAG/AFTRA actor and gained over 15 years of onset experience and training. In Los Angeles, he immersed himself in every aspect of filmmaking position from intern, P.A., VFX artist to director giving him a 360 perspective of the film industry. Grady worked closely with his wife Nikki Stier Justice while at Good Deed Entertainment / Cranked Up Films producing movies, working on 30+ marketing campaigns, and playing an integral role in their acquisition of the Academy Award Nominated film, Loving Vincent. Grady joined Buffalo 8 in 2021 as the Head of Production & B8 Services working on a variety of feature projects and series. Grady’s recent Producer/Executive Producer credits include Coyote Lake, Givers of Death, American Cherry, For Walter and Josiah, The Boy from Nowhere, 2307: Winter’s Dream and Leave no Traces.

Dark Passage Films
Film Production Company

Dark Passage Films is an independent film production and distribution company located in New York City. Our company engages in the development, financing, production, distribution, and marketing of independent motion pictures, short films and documentaries. Some of our productions include Prego, Windblown, HomeBound, as well the feature-length film, Pickings.


We are asking for your support to help our dream become a reality and put The Thing with Feathers in theaters across the country. 
To receive a copy of the script, budget breakdowns, and any additional information, please contact us.

Thank you for your time and consideration, 

Usher Morgan and Katie Vincent
Writers, Directors, Producers

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