TAM= 134b-278b looking for funding global FinTech

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go on the investors only tab the password is = investorpass
Introducing CryptoGo.
We are merging Merchant Payment Systems and Global Remittance into a single social media application.
Through CryptoGo, we are about to enter a market with little to no representatives. This niche is 290 million people strong. 573 billion DOLLARS strong. In some countries, remittance is a 3rd of their G.D.P. AS PER 2019. Crypto-go will enjoy FIRST MOVERS advantage into this untapped industry
We have little to no cost associated with doing business and more than five high-income cash flows. Here’s how:
1. Merchant fees - In struggling countries, the Business owner often has outdated P.O.S. systems, we will provide our advanced point of sale system. Whenever they use a credit or debit card, the merchant processor (crypto go) pays a processing fee to (visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.) equal to a percentage of the transaction. ( usually about 1% ) merchant processing companies like crypto go make money by charging an extra fee on top of the 1% to cover the cost and profit.
2. Interest/Cost to make- point of sale unit is the computer that allows businesses to accept cards. This computer is either rented by the business owner or purchased. We will charge a flat fee for rental and allow financing for the unit charging a 26% interest rate on the purchase.
3. Peer-to-Peer Transactions – Remittance Settlement Time Is 388 Times Faster On Blockchain. For every peer-to-peer transaction via our app, we will charge a small amount of .08% to 6% as a fee on all transactions
4. Data sales – businesses who would like to advertise on our platform and sell directly to our consumers can pay us 1-100k depending on the campaign 
5. Digital banking- transactions from the original bank into our app can be charged 3-6% for immediate transfers or free if waited 3-5 business days 
Our crypto go cryptocurrency could be worth ten times more than the company itself at our peak; we will rise by lifting others in this way 
The possibility is endless, and the pathway is clear. But it will require a vast amount of capital to take off
i have TAM SAM SOM with real indisputable sources. I've been planning and revising this business plan endlessly for 1 entire year. all i need is funding 
contact me at 
TEL- 813-255-7918
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