Crypto Platform Loan Payback

Raising $50-$62k to payback a crypto platform loan

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My name is Michael R. Corrunker and I am a semi-retired engineering professional (BSME, MSE, MBA) that does short term Crypto trading.  I took out a loan against the platform to help startup and now I must pay it back in cash rather than from the account or from profits.  I am willing to pay you an additional 20% profit / interest for the use of your money for 5 or less business days to pay back this loan.  The amount of money required will depend on how quickly you can get it to me but will most likely be between $50,000 and $62,000.  Your money plus the additional 20 percent profit / interest will be returned to you on or before COB the fifth business day after I receive the money as it is already in my account and will be available to me as soon as the platform loan is paid off.

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