Crown Surgery Center

We are seeking start-up capital of between $500,000-$1,000,000, the capital is intended for purchase of surgical equipment and technology, leasehold improvement and working capital

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Crown Surgery Center is a Multi-specialty ambulatory center that focuses on patient satisfaction by providing quality,  convenient and efficient surgical care services to patients and surgeon partners. This surgical center has the potential to morph into an enigma in the Healthcare delivery system. It is the first multi specialty surgery center with 2 state-of-the art operating rooms in the Sienna Missouri city area with the goal of expanding. We plan to serve neighborhoods like Fresno, Sugarland, Pearland and the Houston area. 
CSC is a brain child of Cornelius and Irene Cornell-Ade both of whom are trained physicians. Irene is a board certified family physician and Cornelius is an Administrator in business and health care and also a First Surgical Assistant, both with a wealth of clinical/surgical and administrative experiences. 
We believe we have the drive, passion, knowledge and energy required to achieve these projects.  We implore you invest/ partner with us in realizing these dreams and projects while making your money work for you and realizing capital gains. 

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