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Cryptocurrency Mining Oppurtunity - Eco Friendly footprint

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Please feel free to reach out any time. Upon request I can provide financials and business plan for the company. My phone is 480-577-1323. I attached a bit of a read but will be helpful so you can get an idea of what I am looking to achieve with the mining operation.  Growth!

I currently have $60k invested into the company and am projecting $124k in revenue before asset appreciation. A lot of the initial funding went to facilities for the units. With a $250k investment I am looking to take the operation to the next level. I will form a strategic advantage by housing the units in a shipping container to avoid property tax and give ease of transportation. Similar to diversifying a portfolio, diversifying the types of coins being mined will ensure steady profits even through bear markets. By taking advantage of the high yields that crypto has to offer, profits will be reinvested into staking protocols to further profit generation. With a $250k investment I project approx. $449,490 before asset appreciation. This is a conservative projection but as the crypto markets grow more mature and get more mainstream attention the market's quickly expand.

Detailed Description:
CrayonCoin LLC is a company created for “proof of work” cryptocurrency mining and crypto yield
farming. The company is rather new with the creation date in 10/2021 but is already profitable with
current investment. By investing the mined profits into high yield staking the profit possibilities are
endless. Currently CrayonCoin is mining three crypto currencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Helium. These
initial coins were started for the stability they offer in the market. The current setup yield’s $100-$200
per day depending on market prices. This does not account for any future appreciation of the tokens.
The current profits have been reinvested into multiple DeFi sources which also yield an additional
$100 per day at current investment amounts. Like diversifying an investment portfolio, the coins
being mined/invested in will also be diversified. The plan is to diversify the coins mined through ASIC
devices to ensure maximum profitability. Essentially, if one-coin dips another will still be profitable.
As many know Ethereum is switching to a proof of stake model. To earn Ethereum you will need to
run a validator node. The current cost of a node is 32 Ethereum, this totals $120,358.08 at current
market prices. After a larger accumulation of profits mined through proof of work and staking an
investment will be made to purchase an Ethereum validator node to take part in the earnings with the
second largest coin in cryptocurrency by market cap. This will yield multiple Ethereum per month only
furthering the position of the company in the crypto world. The proof of work mining will also see an
eventual move to a shipping container which will give a competitive edge by avoiding property tax
and being able to move the location of the miners to the most cost-efficient electricity area’s with

The Deal:
I am looking for a $250,000 investment for a 25% equity stake in the company. Profit statements will be given quarterly and you will have the option to either pull your profits or hold them in the high yield investments.

Thanks again for your interest!

Seth Regman
Crayon Coin LLC
Phone: 480-577-1323

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