Core Diagnostic Corporation

Raising $500K to finishing FDA testing and begin shipment of our first product, a novel specimen collection device for Covid-19 testing that replaces the conventional cotton swab.

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Developing and marketing medical device products for the treatment of infectious diseases. Our first product, a specimen collection device for Covid-testing, is in the process for FDA/EUA approval.  We expect to complete the certification process in early October.  First customer shipment will begin shortly thereafter.  We expect to ship 450,000 units this year for over $1M in revenue.  We will be profitable by year end.  We currently  have a staff of four and use contract manufacturers based in the US.  We will ship through medical distributors and our customers will be large medical testing companies:  Abbott Labs, Roche, Becton-DicKson, etc.  Once our first product is successfully launched, we will begin devloping home test kits for Covid, Malaria, AIDS/HIV, Ebola, and other infectious diseases with huge markets in the developing world. Our CTO has managed four medical devices through FDA certification.  Our advisory board includes the Dean of the University of Nebraska Medical School and the founding director of a large pediatric clinic in Ventura, CA. Our CEO, COO, and CFO all came from the information technology industry.  We are headquartered in Georgetown, Texas.  Below is the link to a Youtube video on our novel specimen collection device, the NACD:

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