Commonwealth Commuter Airways, Ltd.

Seed funding a new regional airline serving the northeast US focused on Affordable, Sustainable, Local Access for unserved communities. Regional, Reimagined!

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Commonwealth Commuter Airways Ltd. is Regional, Reimagined.

Decades of consolidation in the airline industry has destroyed America’s once robust regional air service. Hundreds of communities have been abandoned and communities with long histories of travel between each other are now forced to travel two, three, or four states away, only to be shuttled back on a completely different flight. What should be a one-hour, non-stop flight is now an expensive odyssey to far-away airports the passengers do not want.

Commonwealth Commuter Airways (CCA) heralds the return of Affordable, Reliable, and Environmentally Sustainable regional air service to communities, large and small, across the Northeast United States. With CCA, passengers can fly from Point A to Point B without a multi-state detour through Point Z.

Utilizing a fleet of brand new ATR 42-600 twin turboprop airliners, CCA will fly quieter, burn less fuel, produce forty percent less CO2, and still have flight times within minutes of current regional jets! 
CCA’s Passengers will enjoy the largest passenger cabin in the regional market, while CCA will benefit from the ATR’s lowest direct Trip Mile Costs and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) compatibility. These excellent aircraft are the first step in CCA’s commitment to a future fleet of 100% electric and/or hydrogen powered aircraft.

CCA is partnering with communities from Maine to Maryland to design and operate frequent, daily nonstop flights to destinations which expand access to more business, education, medical, family, and personal opportunities for each and every passenger.

Competition in the Northeast market is minimal with ZERO direct competitors on any of CCA’s initial proposed routes. Indirect competition exists on only four routes, on which the competitor flies a limited schedule into a major hub airport, while CCA will exercise its time and cost advantage via the nearby secondary regional airport.

SEVEN regional airports currently support our route development proposals, while we anticipate adding TEN more airports over the first two years of revenue operations..

The timeline for CCA’s first revenue flights are currently set for April, 2023.

CCA is seeking seed funding to cover initial administrative and capital startup costs  including onboarding critical staff, completing our application for Commuter Air Carrier Authority with the DOT and FAA, and the establishment of purchase and lease agreements for our aircraft,  equipment, and airport space.

NOTE: CCA is not directly identifying any proposed routes, frequencies, or fares until such time as the associated airports have agreed to such information release. Furthermore, federal law prohibits CCA from publishing, stating, or otherwise presenting any information which could be considered as solicitation for passengers, reservations, or sales of tickets or carriage UNTIL AFTER Commonwealth Commuter Airways Ltd. has obtained regulatory authority from both the FAA and the United States Department of Transportation.

CCA will reinvigorate, reconnect, and reimagine regional airline service!

Thank you for your consideration.

Jon Potter, Founder & CEO.

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