Commercial Pallet Recycling

Raising money for equipment needed to grow business

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We are a family owned pallet recycling business that has been open for over 30 years, with pallet recycling being in our family for the last 11 years. We recycle old pallets to sell the lumber and/or make used pallets to sell to our customers at a much lower cost than new pallets by a significant margin. We sell used lumber to companies, especially when new lumber prices are through the roof.  We use machines to tear the pallets apart, and saws to cut the lumber to length. We ship our product to customers we already have, and we load semis for customers that are found needing lumber or pallets on a one time basis. There are quicker ways to dismantle pallets than what we use, there are better ways to cut lumber than what we use, and there are better ways to staple or nail pallets than what we use, but funding is needed for the equipment to make that happen. With the funding we can produce more of the used materials to make more of a profit. We would be able to stay ahead of the new lumber and pallet companies if the prices ever come back down. We have customers that have been with our company for more than 15 years. We have customers that have left and come back to our company finding out that used pallets are the way to go in order to save the big man money. Getting newer equipment can help to guarantee we can be competitive and remain open.  

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