Raising 75k for my sports networking app. This app will bring communities together through teamwork, perseverance, and hard work while playing the sports they love

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Design an sports network app which caters to everyone's need. Young,old,male,or female . We are bringing the community together through teamwork and sports. We allow the client to pick a sport of his/her choice and we make it happen for them . Whether you need a team or have one ,we will find you a location, time , and a team you can play against in your area. We will show where the hot spots are for the sport in your location. We will have live chat and notification settings.  Money will be generated through advertising and special features on the app.  One feature will be the competit x.  You will be able to put your team in for the sport if your choice. We will keep records of wins, losses, and so on.  At the the end of the year that team will be given a cash prize.  This is one feature on the app which customers need to pay for. We are incorporated with patent pending.  We have already started the app development through iqlace development team

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