Closing the gap of music education in the US

Raising +$250K to scale our Online Mus Ed platform

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•Superba Vox, Inc. is an online music academy, providing accessible remote-learning live music classes. 
•As a private academy, Superba Vox provides one-on-one lessons, masterclasses, and full-length courses, all held exclusively online, thereby allowing students to enjoy the undivided attention and care of their tutors.
•In addition to the B2C market, Superba Vox plans to enter the B2B market, offering schools throughout the U.S. an affordable solution for introducing music classes into their curricula. 
•Ms. Viviana Garabello has established another company, Superba Helps, Inc. Its purpose will be to raise funds and grants to finance scholarships for students taking Superba Vox’s classes. 

•Around 3.6 million students in the U.S. do not have access to music education at present, while 2.1 million students do not have access to any form of arts education whatsoever.
•Music education funding cuts continue to be an option for school districts that have weak programs and suffer from a lack of parental support, leading to chronic underfunding. Schools cutting music programs has led to music education funding being somewhat inequitable.
•Schools that offer music programs have a 90.2% graduation rate, along with a 93.9% attendance rate, as opposed to schools that do not offer music education, which have a 72.9% graduation rate and 84.9% attendance rate.

•After raising the requisite investment funds, Superba Vox plans to intensify its marketing efforts in order to reach a larger number of clients and expand operations.
•Superba Vox’s marketing strategy will be based on digital marketing, with a particular focus placed on the creation of social media pages.  
•Ms. Viviana Garabello is already currently selling Online Music Education & Performing Arts programs to School, Homeschools, and Afterschools as their online detached music dept, via 1:1 Zoom meetings with School Principals, District Directors, Deans, Department Heads of Educational systems, and decision makers.

3.6M students and 7000 schools still lack access of Music Education in the US in 2023.
Our goal is to close that GAP: together, we can make it happen!
Wholehearteadly Thank You!

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