IP Diesel LLC

Renewable Energy patented process which refines used motor oil into marine diesel

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IP Diesel LLC is seeking $14 million to purchase a unique and proven Intellectual Property that refines Used Motor Oil into marine diesel fuel. The company's investment banker, Morgan Stanley will sell the Intellectual Property to 14 countries that control their countries used motor oil for over $70 billion.billion over the next 18 months. (see valuation below). 

We propose that the $14 million investors receive 48% of the LLC''s distributions, which will commence 5 months after funding. The proven technology (patented pending ) will take inexpensive used motor oil and refine it into a very high margin marine like diesel fuel. This technology is unique and there is no other technology in the world that can refine used motor oil into marine diesel. Refineries refine crude oil into many products. They do not refine used motor oil into marine diesel. 

Please see attached files:

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