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$10Million+ Investment available: For a percentage of the website,, and parent company, Citravest, LLC. 
The website is a news service organization that allows nearly everyone in the United States to daily vote their evaluation and degree of theft from them, including up to a point of insanity. It also provides statistics and trends of Media manipulation of facts and Government implementations through regulation, executive order, fiat, and policies.    
It does not impact the jobs of reporters. It gathers agreed-to facts from Left and Right 'News' reporters that show thefts by Government and the Media.
The results of this poll are seen on-screen instantly, in real time, and shared worldwide. 
This investment money is for larger working facilities, revenue management, security, computer programming updates, research, travel, and writing.

MOT stands for Margin Of Theft. 

MOT Poll management education, experience, and accomplishments include:
* Bachelor Degrees in Engineering and Science
* Master’s Degree in Public Administration
* Decades of experience in Government, the military, and farming
* Employment experience in industry (manufacturing) 
* Experience in commercial property management and ownership
* US Citizenship (currently required for all MOT writers)
* Badge-carrying Federal law enforcement experience
* Holder of US Patents (3 for new ideas)
* Nine books published
* Total of four single-action US military life-saving medals for heroism


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