Automating and modernizing word of mouth connections within the creative industry

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Cirqle is a pre-seed professional networking platform similar in function to LinkedIn but filling in the gaps LinkedIn leaves within the creative industry. We utilize verification, project role suggestion, and network expansion in ways that no other platform has in our market.

I’m an NYU Tisch Future Music Moguls alumni with 6 years experience in the entertainment business. I’ve been a part of teams who have worked on projects that vary from Grammy winning albums, Oscar awards events, to commercial productions for billion dollar brands.

Our tech partner has worked with acclaimed companies in the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Microsoft, and NBCUniversal.

Cirqle will be similar in function to LinkedIn, but tailor made to fill in the gaps LinkedIn leaves within the creative industry.

The creative industry is built upon word of mouth connections. The most important factors on whether you land a job are who you know, that connection’s merit, and what projects you have under your belt.

LinkedIn is the best known professional networking tool. With over 722 Million users, it sold to Microsoft for $26.2 Billion in 2016.

LinkedIn is rarely brought into the conversation among the creative industry. It was built for people with 9-5’s and not for artists or creative professionals. Your reputation in the creative industry is built just as much on the projects you’re a part of and their caliber as it is your place of employment. 

All LinkedIn users spend less than 1 minute daily on the platform and less than 1% of the user base posts weekly, according to Foundr Magazine.

Cirqle will be a bridge between a professional networking site and a social media platform, tailor made for artists and business people within the creative industry. A place that connects every corner of the creative industry from film, music, production, fashion, events, visual art, and more. IMDB alone has 83 million users and no social functions. It was built for the film and TV industry but even that community finds it to be an outdated system. Adding in all of the aforementioned industries makes the potential user base for a platform like Cirqle exponentially larger than IMDB's.

Future Revenue Streams
We will roll out paid features once we have generated a substantial and consistent user base, to make sure we aren’t deterring people from joining upon introduction to the platform.

@ 50k Active Users
*User-Based Advertising
*Network Rapid Expand

@ 150k Active Users
*Premium Plans 
*Live Event Access 

@ 1Mil Active Users
*External Ads 

Once we have gathered enough data on how the creative industry functions and interacts, we’d be able to sell that data to larger corporations behind the scenes. Eventually, we plan to expand to a film/tv production company, as well as branded music, art, and film festivals. The overall goal of Cirqle is to go public and be acquired.

Thank you for your time and welcome to our Cirqle.

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