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Producing a Musical

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Hello, My name is Greg Arnold, a former professional Baseball player with the Baltimore Oriole organization and former Entertainer. I am  Producing a Musical called “The Last Train from Memphis” which is a Virtual ‘Time Machine’ of Music featuring # 1 Hits By a variety of artists who were performing when Elvis Presley was considered to be the Top Gun, Stars that will include but not be limited to Tom Jones-Johnny Cash - Glen Campbell - BJ. Thomas - Dean Martin - Frank Sinatra – Barbra Streisand - The Bee Gees – The Beatles – Alabama – The Eagles – The Temptations – James Taylor and More. Please visit the following links for samples of Rehearsals    -  
If Links do not respond, please visit for rehearsals dating back 4 years.
When production is complete, the musical will have large production numbers that will include Dancers and   Choruses. 

    A large percentage of the Ticket Sales will come from Charities who will share in these funds, Chesapeake Productions and its Investors will not only share in the profits of the Ticket Sales but will be the sole beneficiaries of all Funds brought in from advertising and the TV rights.

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