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Seeking Investor for Next Generation Contact Center Software

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Request:  According to reports, the contact center software market was valued at $20.2 billion in 2019 and is expected to be $44.3 billion by 2025.   Cherry Capital is 80 percent complete in building Captive Control, the next generation in contact center software.  We are seeking $300,000 to assist in our company in finalizing the software, supporting a strong go-to-market strategy, infrastructure, and operating capital.

The opportunity is significant.  It is estimated that in the US, India, and the Philippines, there are 2,950,000 agents.  By penetrating just over 0.25% of this market, not including the UK, Canada and Australia, we can create a $5.4 million annual business.

Product:  We have built an industry agnostic technology that leverages analytics to self-diagnose improvement opportunities across an organization, from agent to location or company.  As operators, we recognize that independent technologies, such as speech recognition, workforce management, production, analytic modeling, dialers, inbound routing, etc., only give you one aspect (their aspect) of how the business is performing.  To optimize, you must look across these technologies to see the insights that will drive success.  We have embedded the core functionality of these applications into one product and now allow each to ‘talk intuitively’ together in order to optimize performance.  Either our functionality can be used, or, if already in place, we can take data feeds from existing platforms to drive our optimization engine.  Further, we monitor and provide oversight for compliance and quality management.

A core focus on our product is agent performance.  We have an incredible, and what we believe to be the first of its kind, coaching model built into the platform that self-identifies the agent’s opportunity to improve.  We allow data to identify the opportunity, then link behaviors and skills to the area to improve, then systemically present the development plan to a leader to approve.  The administrative burden is gone.  Future generations will be even more impressive.

Right now is the time to capitalize on this space.  Agents, more than ever, are working remote and leaders are searching for tools to manage the business.  We believe we have those tools.  As a senior executive in contact centers, and most recently consultant, I have not seen such a technology and we are most excited about our future. 

Experience:  As president of the company, I have over 25 years in the contact center industry.  I have managed teams across the globe for the largest debt buyer in the world, am a board member, and have strong experience in the software space.  In 2009, in partnership with Mayo Clinic, I launched Global EDGE, a software product designed to authenticate suppliers in healthcare.  Ultimately, the company was sold to the largest publicly traded AP audit company in the world in 2015.  

Partner:  I am seeking an investment partner that not only brings capital, but ideas, relationships, leadership, and a collaborative spirit.  If interested, we are excited to hear from you.

Experienced executive building unique contact center software to manage remote agents. Our industry agnostic technology leverages analytics to self diagnose improvement opportunities, then aggregates the results to prioritize development plans organization wide. In short, we blend science and technology to deliver a set of tools not yet seen in the contact center space.

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