Cherie's Cafe

Raising $200K to Start the Best Soul Food Café in the ENTIRE San Francisco Bay Area!!!

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I would like to open a black owned restaurant specializing in Southern / Creole Food in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a passion for event planning, cooking southern specialties, baking cakes, and all types of desserts. I put my heart and soul into every event and every meal I prepare for others. I have had a dream of starting a business for over 20 years. I received my Bachelors degree in Business in 2018 and I currently work at Facebook in San Francisco. I am a mother of four, and my kids have been pushing me to leave Corporate America and realize my dreams. They believe in me and remind me daily that I can be a successful business owner, but being that I am a single mother, it has been difficult for me to leave the  tech industry and step out on faith, but I am ready now!

The Bay Area is lacking in quality southern style restaurants and people love Soul Food. I would like to have enough space to socially distance customers, or allow them plenty of outdoor space as an option to indoor seating. My food options will use healthy alternatives, in some instances and I will also provide fresh fruit smoothies of all types. 

Additionally, I would like to serve alcohol, which also requires funding for a liquor license. 

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