Cedar Tree Pilates

Raising $25k to Open a Pilates Studio in an Untapped Market

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Hi, I'm Grace. I am the owner and sole employee of Cedar Tree Pilates, LLC, which originated in October of 2020. After changing career paths due to health issues, I realized one of the most meaningful things I could do with my life was give other people the gift of wellness through movement. I started small, contracting out of an established creative space in my tiny river town. In only three short months, the community has taken notice of my abilities and rallied behind me. Now, a local business owner has granted me the opportunity to open up my own studio in one of her properties. This is happening, regardless of funding. However, having cash to furnish the space to my specifications and purchase additional equipment will increase my growth exponentially. Why?

Simple: There is no one else like me here. There is a local gym, as well as a couple of online-certified Yoga instructors, but that's about it. I have a bachelor's degree in biological anthropology, a master's degree in functional anatomy, and 24 non-degree graduate credits in biology. I taught human anatomy at the collegiate level. I have multiple certifications from Balanced Body and Xtend Barre. I'm also using my passion for learning to obtain an ISSA certification. My positivity is tangible and people notice that. I have had the honor of aiding a stroke victim, 13 years from the event, regain mobility and coordination. My clients tell me that training with me is giving them the space for themselves that they needed to improve their quality of life.

In my new space, I intend to expand my class offerings to include mat Pilates, reformer Pilates, and barre. Reformers and barres are both types of equipment I need to purchase. I also hold specialized classes such as Pilates for Chronic Pain or Pilates and the Pelvic Floor, both of which are personal to me. My classes have been filled despite their small sizes and stringent COVID-19 precautions. Typically, the question I receive after a first private training session is: When can we do it again? I have already scheduled a Valentine's Day event and will be participating in our town's "Girlfriend's Weekend", by request.  

This isn't just a business to me. This is the ability to change lives, for the better, through something so simple as movement. I will be successful with or without an angel investor. However, someone has the potential to jumpstart my success, which would be life-changing - not just for me, but for others, too.

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