Casa Elise

The Mission of Casa Elise is to serve Women, Children, the Unemployed, and Abused in Mexico

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Our Mission is to address Poverty in Busarias. Mexico. We will do this by the following steps: 1. Use the large outdoor space that is part of the Catholic Church in Bucarias, north of Puerto Vallarta, to sell fresh food and clothing to the the people of the local community. 2. Organise a DoorDash that will employ local drivers to deliver food to tourists. 3. We have collected a great variety of fine jewelry, quality women's clothes, and fine art from the U.S., Italy, and Mexico. We will rent a store on the main street of Bucarias to sell these items. 4. Finally, we will purchase a Mexican Home with 2 floors on or near the beach. The place will be called Casa de Elise and we will serve food daily, provide a play area for the children, train the unempolyed or under-employed in the areas of languages, pipe working, finances, and school help. We will play instruments together and sing. It will be a place full of joy and love!

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