CARL, Inc.

Raising final $100k in first $300k raise (total raise will be $600K) to begin intel-backed targeted marketing campaign.

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Democratization of hedge funds to all accredited investors. Bringing professional investment diversification and expert management power to everyone.

Alternatives investments demand is exploding, and CARL is the only platform to bring the power of hedge fund investing to retail investors. We do this by providing professional due diligence with Aon, ensuring we find the best quantitative hedge funds out there, those that have and can perform. We offer these investments through an easy to use mobile app, search "CARL App" to find us. While we have 4 strategies available on the app now, having launched in January 2020, we will build up to roughly 30 strategies over the next 2 years.

Investors can reduce their overall risk in fully diversified (uncorrelated) investments, and get market or above market gains...just like the pros. Given the interest in real-estate, farmland, private equity and other types of less liquid investments, having a powerful liquid investment in the marketplace is clearly attractive.
We simply need to let investors know this is really happening, hedge funds are now available starting with investments as low as $20,000.

CARL has created a whole new world with:
  •  $20k minimums (no longer $1M+)
  • Real-time performance data on demand in the app (no longer monthly at best)
  • Monthly liquidity (no more 1+ year lock-ups)
  • Due diligence on all funds done (investors don't have to pay for this solo)
  • And still 15-25% targeted returns (pro-level returns we keep)
We've had the opportunity to learn from one of the other alternative investment firms out there, in a different asset class. We know their strategy for going from $1M invested to $150 million in 18 months. From this intel, we've created a $600k plan that can be executed in two $300k portions. This ask is for the final $100k to our Phase 1 $300k plan. With this funding we will execute a proven marketing plan with a previously successful marketing firm within the alternative investments space. The plan targets CARL profitability in early 2022 with reasonable projections of plan goals, which is customer acquisition.

We're confident our product is unique within the alternative investments high demand space. Your funding will make it possible for us to let everyone know the world has changed, the power of hedge funds is here.

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