CareCoin LLC.,

Humanitarian Crypto project raising up to $250k for project expansion and marketing. Partnership with American Cancer Society close to finalized

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We are a crypto-based humanitarian project on the binance smartchain network. We use donation money raised to help those less fortunate, like our orphan village in west Kenya.

CareCoin has finalized a partnership with the American Cancer Society, giving CareCoin massive exposure and branding opportunity. We are also in talks with the Susan G Komen foundation, doctors without borders and Cleveland clinics. There is also a major financial transaction affiliate coming online which we are not at liberty to disclose yet.

We are looking to raise VC funds in order to expand on to multiple exchanges to give potential investors from the ACS partnership as much investment diversity as possible. Marketing on major crypto pages for maximum visibility and market saturation is also required.

Project CareCoin (CARES)  website:

Project CareCoin (CARES) Whitepaper (Business plan)

Exchange listings:
1. Poocoin

2. Pancakeswap

Owner LinkedIn sites:
1. Simon Knaus

2. James Stephens

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CareCoin LLC., is no longer seeking funding.