C Life Network

$1M for manufacturing and launch. All technology and systems completed from round 1 funding.

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What is C Life Network:
A Turn-key kiosk network for the CBD/Cannabis industry. Looking to raise 2nd round $1M for launch. All technology, R&D is complete: mobile app, websites, systems, etc...  Raising $1M for manufacturing and operations. 

For more information go to:  www.info.clifenetwork.com   use login:  Clifeinfo    password:  venueinfoCLN!

C Life Network is a network of kiosks to scale across the US & Canada for CBD and Cannabis products. CBD can be in any open market venue: airports, grocery chains, convenience stores, etc...  Cannabis kiosks can be in the lobby of any licensed dispensary.  The C Life Network mobile app allows users to reserve and hold products in a kiosk near or in their travel route to pick-up at their convenience later in the day, in less than a minute. 

We have an offer for $2.5M loan, with great terms. We are looking for $1M to have held in a bank account and assistance on a Bond. This account is accessible by the investor 24/7, for 22 months, then returned with interest and equity shares.  We have an investor who has responded to our initial posting is offering $2.5M  (as a loan w/terms). This will be able to launch C Life Network and allow us to meet projections for 2022.  Our offer for this $1M is VERY generous to this investor.  Or if there's another investor with a better offer please contact us. 

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