Broadway Drive-In Holiday Spectacular

Raising 150k for Live Broadway Drive-In show that's already been Green-lit by the VP of SIMON mall co.

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My name is Colt Prattes. I'm a Broadway performer and director, looking to produce a show that pairs Broadway stars and the Drive-In model that has become so popular during the last half of 2020. 
The show is a nightly, ticketed event and has already been green-lit by the VP of SIMON Malls at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY. They're extremely excited because of the built in audience that's going to be looking for some extra holiday magic, especially this year, and now we're looking for the perfect investor to help us bring this magical holiday experience to life. 
With Broadway, Radio City, and other live entertainment closed, we are paving the way for the first SAFE Holiday Show this year, featuring some of Broadway's most recognized performers. 
With our company's safety precautions in place, we have the potential to deliver some much needed New York magic, just in time for the holidays. New York deserves a respite this year, especially during this holiday season. 
We’re hoping to do just that by spreading a little bit of hope as safely as possible. 

Looking forward to speaking with you,

Colt Prattes. 
Email - [email protected] 
Social - @ColtPrattes 

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