Raising $3.5 to build out our SaaS and API products that generate AI and machine learning insights designed to add an emotional layer to any CX.

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We are a SaaS company focused on generating AI and machine learning insights designed to add an emotional layer to any CX. We have had 2 years of 100% year over year  growth and are completely self-funded to date.  We are seeking funding to scale and get our enterprise products to more of the Fortune 1000. 

Just as Microsoft had the aspiration to put a computer in every home, it is our vision to put emotion back into every interaction a brand has with its customers. We are industry and target agnostic (meaning we apply our insights as a service platform to B2B, B2C and B2E) but are heavily focused on using our proprietary suite of eQ products to help our B2B clients create individualized buyer journeys that lead to greater rates of acquisition and retention. 

Our clients range from Fortune 500 technology companies, to one of the top professional services in the world, to a few leading consumer brands. We are very focused on helping brands move from product centric models to service oriented ones, so they can move from one-off transactions to long-term value driven relationships. 

The funding we are seeking is to bring our two current products in market to scale through a dedicated SaaS leader and investing more heavily in our product roadmap and in the AI, ML and neuroscience required to drive exponential revenue growth for us, and our customers.

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