Bouncin Around Utah LLC

Raising 1 Million to build a Family Entertainment Center

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Why should you invest in Bouncin Around Utah LLC? 

-We own 30k in assets and bounce houses already. 
- Located in a Booming and Fast Growing area. 
-No other competitor exists, yet. 
- Our company has a solid reputation starting to develop amongst the community. 
- Our vision for building the entertainment sector is limitless. 
- Currently we've been pulling in 2k a month, but with the investment of a lot and warehouse we'd likely begin to bring in closer to 15k+ a month.
- We are striving to be the best, we want to be the best, and we have the vision and drive to become the best.

About Myself:

My name is Alex. I'm an extremely diligent and persisten  worker.  I work hard to achieve my goals and ultimately find a way to success. You can expect the following from me. 

- 5+ years of business management experience

-1 year of experience Running my own business.

-Highly motivated and hardworking individual

 - Driven to make a difference and help others succeed. 

 - Passionate to help teammates, employees, peers, and associates accelerate and grow.

 - Strong desire to solve challenging problems or finish hard tasks through being proactive. 

 - Dedicated to high quality results and will go above and beyond to ensure overall success. 

 - Perform well under difficult or new situations; quick learner and willing to adapt. 

About the Eagle Mountain:

As I mentione  before I am the owner of a new bounce House business in Eagle Mountain. It has done incredible for a first year business and I'd like to grow into something more. Currently we rent out units for parties and events and we help deliver and set up these units for a great local price. We take care of our community by being able to help in any way we can. Currently we are working towards building a Family Entertainment Center. 

-Here in Eagle Mountain we have a population of roughly 50k and its growing.

- We have no entertainment whatsoever, but a huge population of new and young families hungry for close by entertainment. 

- Eagle Mountain was a cheap investment for young families in Utah during Covid. Many youngsters have flocked to this area in the last few years. 

-Geographically Eagle Mountain is the 3rd largest city in Utah. 

-Projected growth by 2060 is expected to be 150k. 

- Our neighboring city is 75k and only has a fat cats.

 Our goal would be to start a family entertainment center with bounce houses and an arcade to start out here in Eagle Mountain. Since no entertainment exist it will become an instant success. As I have seen in my first year in Eagle Mountain, the people of this city are HUNGRY for entertainment. 

Our Vision:

Our Family Entertainment Center will have an indoor and outdoor area. For the winter we will be indoor only. During the Summer months this will allow us to build a splash and wet area of special bounce houses and projects we can add down the line. Inside we will build a state of the art arcade with additional bounce houses and obstacles that will attract many people to our location. Utilizing big brands like Marvel, Star Wars, and Frozen we can attract birthday party rentals and run special events. We want to also look into building a food court inside where we can do pizza for special events as well. The options with what we can do are endless. 

We will be very open to what different options and ideas we can include within the business. Nothing I'm stating is concrete, we will be open to different suggestions, so that ultimately we can be successful and ensure our investor's are successful too. 

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