Boujee Tara

Raising 50k To Open Trending Retail Store Front In Palmdale Or Lancaster.

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Hello there! My name is Samera. I own an online boutique selling beautiful trending quality clothing.  I am doing very well. I’ve recently found an amazing vendor in Los Angeles (1 hour away) who not only has great quality items but can also handle a huge overflow of orders same day. I’ve lived here in Palmdale for 4 years.  I do more local deliveries than online sales. One of the biggest downsides to living here is not having a good quality retail store to go to that sells trending items.  Fashion Nova is one great example. We as women feel as though we need certain things in life. Great quality trending clothes is one of those needs. I have the knowledge, style, marketing skills and the look to do this. I know if I partner with the right person who can put a little trust in me that this will be a million dollar company before the first year. Thank you for your consideration.

Samera L. Mull
Boujee Tara, LLC.
Cell: 661-965-2060

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