Bombay Bugzbe Music, LLC

Raising 100k to build a Video streaming platform and independent label made for artist

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I am Washawn Gbasin (CEO) of a Media/ Entertainment conglomerate formally know as “BomBay Bugzbe Music, LLC with my team and I, we are raising 100k to build a video streaming platform and independent label that is focused more on the artist/ creator gaining creative control and having more control on the works derivatively produced to develop skills and trades in the professional music business and as a career. With the 100k investment to launch this company, it will go towards collectively accelerating the progress of a brilliant conglomerate music label / entertainment growth with the ability to purchase new equipment for further expansion. I see this business model I see longevity in this idea, and not only longevity, but create a new way to keep this art being able to further express throughout the music. 

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