BMF Industries LLC

$300,000.00 being raised for trenching equipment and running capital.

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We solve the problem of burying utilities, primarily fiber optic lines. Highly motivated team founded in late 2019 who firmly believe "dirty hands make clean money". We have an aggressive, adaptive business growth two, five, and ten year plan. The government provides funding to expand the telecommunication and information network across the country, focusing on smaller and rural communities. Larger contractors bid on the projects and in return sub contracts all or parts to companies like mine. Due to how laborious the work is it is hard to find companies to fill this niche, that's where we come in.
 Generally a contract is offered to us to bury individual fiber optic lines to each household within a community. Once a week we invoice per linear foot of fiber we bury along with any extras the engineering company calls for within that contract. Invoices are typically paid out forty five days after approval. The per foot price varies project to project and per contractor. We bury lines ranging from $2.00 to $6.00 per foot. The average footage per home is 150'-250', and will on average take us one to two hours to complete. Environmental factors may contribute to production rates. Our company works 10-12 hours a day 5-6 days a week. Due to the nature of the industry, we are a seasonal company who plays off ground conditions. At times we will opt to take a contract paying less per foot due to the overall total linear footage of that project. Logistics and cost of living are figured into our decision as our set up and equipment transportation creates a great deal of down time.
 The funding we are looking for will purchase larger more efficient equipment. Funds will also cover operating capital and consolidation of existing overhead. We use industry specific equipment such as vibratory plows and directional drills. Our current equipment is under par for what we are needing to do as we are adapting to new responsibilities and larger contracts. New equipment would also allow us contracts that currently we are just not set up to undertake.  We plan to keep some of our existing machinery and sell what would be replaced by funding. 
 The company can run a crew of three to four employees and be efficient. When funding is received, year two we would like to double down and have two crews. Sharing between them certain larger pieces of machinery while acquiring  duplicate more commonly used smaller pieces to be used on the same contract. Year five we will have four to six crews running multiple contracts simultaneously. By year ten we will have the capability to have exclusive rights to contracts through the contractors on every contract they offer making BMF Industries their premier sub contractor. We have considered growing into the role of a general contractor all in one company.  A greater knowledge of the industry and how that role would be fulfilled by our company is being formed daily and may be considered to be applied between years five and ten. With the exception of the Covid 19 shutdown we have proved with limited manpower and subpar equipment how lucrative this company can be. In the small amount of time we have been in operation we have built a great reputation among the contractors we have worked for and have more contracts being offered than we can undertake. We are anxious to grow and motivated to do so. We are excited to find the right relationship and investor for our project.

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