Blending Stump Pencil

Looking for Investors and Guidance for a newly patented idea.

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My name is Michael and I've just received a provisional patent on my Blending Stump Pencil and looking for funding to take the next steps in marketing and selling the idea. I’ve always had an entrepreneur mindset and believed that more people should take the leap and pursue it.

Below I've listed an short explanation.

Blending Stump Pencil  
Founder:Johnson D. Michael
An ordinary art pencil with the exception for the blending stump attached to the rear. This attachment is useful for a beginner that enjoys to sketch, to a person who makes it a living. The blending stump on the pencil allows quick and easy access to blending with just a flip, which is far easier than switching between the two tools. This is a useful tool in organization, the blending stump attached to each individual pencil in the planned kit would allow varying lead types to have a designated stump and prevent accidental over and under shading when one is confused with the other.
It is in my idea that these will be produced including a protective plastic sleeve to keep the stump safe and free of debris while not in use. I also plan for a strip of fine sandpaper to be included for the cleaning and removal of lead. A seed can also be placed in the stump to plant a tree after use to take and target a more environment friendly audience.

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