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Raising $1000,000,000 to develop the most innovative Streaming app to date.

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"BlaqBox" is streaming network with unique classic and original content. Our goal is to create this platform for those who love super old classic films and interesting documentaries, also our own original films. We also want to create a place for independent film makers, a major platform exposing new amazing content to the masses. I have already invested and started production on season 1 of the first original film "Day Ones," which is a  8 episode mini series that needs funding. Blaqbox will be bringing new, fresh family oriented content the entire family to enjoy. TV advertisements are more costly to produce than other ads and commercial air time can be expensive, promotional material on television is the most influential because consumers trust it above other mediums. Blaqbox is already on Roku, The Reewind Network, and viewers can also see our show content “over the air” on Comcast Cable Television in select cities.
Comcast CH 190 Washington DC: 122,752 homes
Comcast CH 190 Wilkes, Bare, & Scranton PA : 80,000 homes
Comcast CH 28 Delaware 400,000 homes ( DETV)
Comcast CH 29 Atlanta GA ( Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, Dekalb
Athens, & Cherokee counites).
Over 10 million homes.

Blaq Box is a  American film production company, founded by Grammy Award winning Singer, Songwriter and Recording artist Steven Russell Harts in 2017 in Pasadena, California. 
With over 29 years in the music and entertainment industry, Harts has developed a new Streaming platform for film and production to “Bring The Message Back Home” in independent film making. Steven has participated in films such as New Jack City, Dream Girls, Shark Tale, Kung Fu Panda, Shek 3 and the BET Christmas movie “Hollyday”. 
BlaqBox was created be the “New Wave” in the independent film, movie streaming industry. 

Steven Russell Harts: Writer- Director- Producer 

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