We're a fast-growing Bitcoin ATM company looking to throw some fuel on the fire to accelerate our growth. We have proprietary software giving us a hedge against our competitors.

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After launching our first Bitcoin ATM in September 2019, we created proprietary software to sell Bitcoin through a network of agents. We now have 20 points of sales (ATMs and Counters combined), and about to have 23. We are mostly doing business in Eastern Ontario, but we're currently setting up new locations in the GTA area. We are also planning to enter the Quebec market shortly.

Our Bitcoin Counters are currently delivering great performances: many of them generate larger transaction volume than ATMs, while they only require 1/10 of the investment. Therefore, we are now looking to ramp up our operations massively and set up hundreds of Bitcoin Counters.  

The company was co-founded by a lawyer and a programmer, which enabled us to build a system that is resilient to technological and regulatory changes.  Since our business model is highly scalable, flexible, and simple, we believe we have a winner. 

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