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Raising $350k for a nationally-televised brand-building direct response ad campaign.

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I am launching a 2023 national ad campaign for Bitcoin University to provide Bitcoin education to the masses.

My name is Christopher Smith, AKA Evander Smart, Founder of Bitcoin University, and CEO of Smart Economic Technology LLC.

Since 2013, I have been a member of the Bitcoin global community.  Since 2020, I have been building Bitcoin University, a trademarked intellectual property, and now it is ready for mass consumption.  I am here to seek funding for two projects, a physical education facility for Bitcoin University in Downtown Miami, and a televised production to sell Bitcoin University products and services to the American public.  Please review the links below for more information on what we offer, and the 2023 Business Plan.

The $350k in funding is for a multi-month national marketing campaign through TVA Media Corp, to put Bitcoin University on airplanes, TV spots, infomercials, podcasts, live bookings, news articles, etc.,

Feel free to schedule a time when we can have a Zoom and discuss this in further detail. (Bitcoin Masterclass - Learn how to use Bitcoin in 1 video lesson)  (Bitcoin Weekly - Subscription-based Bitcoin Education)
(Bitcoin Owner's Manual - Discover all that Bitcoin can do for you with 75 videos and 5 books, over 20 hours of content)
(Bitcoin University Pitch Deck)
Article:  America's Most Censored Company 
2023 Bitcoin University Business Plan

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