Binary Metacognitive Theory (B.M.T.)

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Binary Metacognitive Theory (BMT) is a USPTO registered Brand and SCorp in the State of California. I am a disabled veteran and a credentialed school teacher in multiple subjects. I love esports and extreme sports. My brand’s tk-12 academy will use STEAM hands on lessons to make 2d and 3D projects from the printing factory and fulfilment center in the same building, hopefully the employees have kids they would like to be put in the academy, but there is open enrollment for anyone. BMT has an E-sports league registered in the ESL database. the Esports league will be a mixture of Academy cadets and Afterschool cadets from other schools in the community who will be scrimmaging and playing in televised and live streamed paid tournaments where there is cash prizes and trophies to reward their skills and compete world wide. The academy will have the best of gaming and digital project management computers, software and server mainframe to operate. I finally after 10 years as a civilian and 4 years teaching I have distilled exactly what I want in a private academy and B2B and B2G press printed product Fulfillment. The government contracts alone should provide enough scholarships to keep the academy funded and growing because it can scale to any town, or city in the Free World. Please Help I’ve done everything I can to get loans but they require a 2 year proof of concept and I have already a proof of concept that will be profitable day one of operation. Please help become a part of my American Dream. After all it’s for the kids who can’t fit into the hyper partisan public school option and the future of our Country and Human Kindness.

My academy has major scalability because the student body will contain those who choose an alternative to the hyper partisan public options for tk-12 schooling.

My academy will have large 2d printers, and sublimators to fulfil in-house, B2B and B2G press printed needs. I also will have 3D printers that can print engines and prosthetics to those who lose limbs. 3D modeling and toy making will be one of the flagship STEAM lessons that each grade has to accomplish on their skill level for promotion. These projects will be done under close supervision and positive guidance so that mistakes can become fun learning tools rather than big mistakes. I want these kids to love learning again. There is so much fun to be had in the education market not even to include the academy ESports, Extreme Sports and Regular Sports Teams. These kids will have it all and not the burden or weight of weeks of standardized testing in scantron form that they themselves don’t want to take, but the schools force them to because of arcane budgeting and fundraising from The unholy mix of education planning from multiple presidents who had too much change and now we face too many kids in classes and far more being left behind. That is until my brand came to existence to provide kids a way better option that will help bring down overcrowding in public schools and provide better, more hands on and modern as to the methods being taught to credentialing teachers. I have it all and I have great concepts that will bring a ton of goodwill to the company, community, country, and world. Please do help me out this would make my dreams come true. Please check us out at and look up our socials at the bottom. My YouTube channel with my ads and brand and steam awareness videos can be found here:

Thank you for your time and consideration,

I look forward to hearing back from you soon. 

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