Big Finish Wine Tavern

Raising the last $100,000 (or any increment of $25,000) for a neighborhood wine tavern. Think Cheers and a wine bar having a baby.

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The San Francisco dining scene has gone through major changes in the last ten years. During this time, many restaurants and bars have abandoned a commitment to superior guest service, consistency of product, and perception of value. Big Finish Wine Tavern is a wine-focused watering hole based on inclusivity, excellent guest service, and quality and high value products.
With a relaxed neighborhood vibe, all are invited to sip on one of 48 wines by the glass or half-glass, sourced globally. These wines are temperature controlled and preserved under nitrogen to ensure the quality is consistent and at maximum potential. In addition to wines by the glass, other available beverages include craft beer, artisan cider, and a variety of non-alcoholic options. After taking the first few sips of wine, guests are invited to peruse the variety-filled food menu with selections such as smoked trout dip, chicory salad with anchovy dressing, tomato braised squid, or roasted pork chop with sweet potato puree, fennel, and apples.
Restaurant pricing has increased for various reasons. This trend is acceptable if there is a perceived value, but the fact remains that our neighbors do not want to pay $20 for a glass of sauvignon blanc or $5 for an oyster. Big Finish pricing will be rolling back the clock to price points that are palatable to our patrons with wines priced at $9 and up.
Guest service is another opportunity for Big Finish. Restaurants have been moving in a direction focused on ordinary transactional service. Our goal is to achieve a superior level of hospitality. We do not want our guests to visit only because of the quality of food and beverage and decor. As a neighborhood-style tavern, we will provide that warm and hospitable atmosphere, which makes both product and service memorable. With a competent team in place to execute the vision, Big Finish will quickly enter the fray as one of the best wine focused establishments in the Bay Area, as we transform the current generic restaurant business model and communicate this to our guests.

We are currently trying to raise the remaining $100,000 to make this thing go.  For more information, please CLICK HERE for the concept presentation deck and to learn a little bit more about me.

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