Battlefield VR Center (MB-VR LLC)

Raising $100K to complete technology development and purchase state of art VR equipment.

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Military Special Forces Themed Family Entertainment Center Franchise that hosts free-roam VR Birthday Parties and we include Groumet Birthday Cake flavor Popcorn in all of our party packages instead of cakes and cupcakes. We retails groumet popcorn, fair food, & tactical apparel.  All of our apparel have positive saying on them. The franchise has in development a proprietary futuristic hologram that interacts with customers.  The holographic technology will have a filed design patent before opening.   During birthday parties kids learn military drill movements, salutes, weapon safety,  experience Battlefield Free-Roam VR, custom Battlefield Birthday song/celebration, and interact with the proprietary hologram.   This new franchise model has multiple revenue streams, to include STEM based Educational prgms for the public school system using the most advance Educational VR/Augmented Reality (AR) system in the world.  For more information investors will have to sign a non-disclosure/non-compete statement.  Flagship franchisee is projected to open in May 21 if patent is filed.   2 other locations already projected in 2022.

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