Ayrela Love

Initially raising $100k to streamline one-of-a-kind designs into a product that can reach more people.

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Ayrela Love is a hand forged jewelry company that would like to take the next step in production and marketing. As a fashion/product designer, I tested this product through out the world over the past 10 years while working on other designs.  There has been interest from all demographics and ages about it. The fashion industry, costume designers and photographers have loved this line. The designs can be easily tied into for profit companies that are fundraising for special causes and non-profits that serve their cause. 

I tested  marketing online only to a small group of people on Instagram that followed the line and the analytics are awesome.  My target audience is Europe, Canada, USA and Panama but there has been a lot of interest for it through out the world. I want to streamline it and find the best way to protect the future designs. There has been interest from galleries and boutiques. If I can find a team to help me produce the designs in bigger quantities based off the original designs and market worldwide it will be fruitful. 

I believe in making quality products that stand the test of time and keeping manufacturing in the USA. I understand that making the initial concept by hand and finding an easier way to produce it faster and more efficiently is the only way to grow. At the moment, I am still testing how to manufacture it differently,  but with the right team helping protect the designs, manufacture, & advertise, it will come to fruition faster. 

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