Autism Technologies Inc.

Raising $3M to execute on the $1.1M ARR executed agreements and scale. Experience founders with successful exits leading companies in AI and healthcare technology.

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We are Revolutionizing Autism Care using our AI-driven care management platform which monitors behavior and provides personalized recommendations which help care teams reach goals faster.

★ Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability with prevalence in the US estimated at 1 in 54 births [CDC]

★ Strong traction: 1,500 families in over 10 countries.  Plus enterprise customers (service providers) with executed agreement totaling ~$1.1M in ARR

★ Modern software platform using AI/ML and measurement based care processes to increase positive outcomes for patients and increase incomes for healthcare professionals

★ Experience founders with successful exits leading companies in artificial intelligence and healthcare technology

★ TAM exceeds $260B market growing to $461B by 2025 (in the USA only & autism only)

★ Flexible modular architecture which can be configured for other industries.    We are also licensing our platform for the aging market to another healthcare investment group

★ Companies providing measurement based care in healthcare technology have multi-billion dollar valuations

★ Long-term care and SaaS based business drives exponential valuation

★ When we achieve our vision Astrid360 will be a multi-billion dollar company

Care Management Platform Provides: ( Note: We have already built our platform and we are ready to go! )
✓  AI-Driven, Personalized Recommendations  
✓  Collaborative Care Planning & Management 
✓  Remote Behavior Monitoring 
✓  Resource Directory 
✓  Education Center   
✓  Revenue Cycle Management 
✓   Secure Telehealth & Messaging
✓  Data visualization to easy understand what's working 
 ✓  Reminders and notifications

Use of Proceeds:
✔ Hire talent (Clinical, Support, Content Generation) 
✔ Execute on signed agreements 
✔ Business Development: finalize new agreements in Employee benefit programs, Service model  (Mental Health support, Education Program) 
✔ R&D for product innovation 
✔ Clinical, legal and patent work

  • “Astrid has been a tremendous help to our center and the clients we serve.”   -   Kevin Mohler, American Autism & Rehabilitation Center 
  •  “Astrid is a true game changer for functional medicine and autism.”  - Armen Nikogosian, MD, Autism Biomedical Center / MAPS 
  •  “Astrid provides a powerful vehicle for supporting autism research and services.”  -  Cathy Farmer, Organization for Autism Research, ex-Kaiser executive, autism advocate 

 Our Team.  Find us on LinkedIn.

Jim Tafur
CEO / Co-founder
Product & Data Science
Amazon Re-Invent healthcare speaker. Bringing intelligent, large scale enterprise healthcare and finance systems to market. AI/ML, big data.  Kaden Health, Magellan Health, American Cancer Society, National Science Foundation, Bank of NY, Mass Mutual, Bloomberg.

Tom Gotuzzo
President / Co-founder. 
Business Development
Exits sold to Oracle and Nuance.  Driving & managing $2.2B in LTV.  30 years of innovation, leadership and driving digital transformation to compete and win in the digital world.  Selling AI/ML technology solutions. Tech startups & large teams of up to 1,200. 

Marco Pascalini
CTO / Co-founder
Technology R&D 
20+ years building large scale infrastructure enterprise solutions.  Magellan Health, London Cross Hospital, Kaden Health, SAP, Microsoft, Bank of NY, Mass Mutual, Fidelity, Bloomberg.
Dr. Traci Sweet, Psy.D
Clinical Lead
Medical R&D

Todd Russell
Head of Marketing 
President of BlueStar Communication Group
Sales & Marketing

Armen Nikogosian, MD
Medical R&D
Autism Biomed Center & Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs 

Aran Ron, MD
Medical R&D 
Cofounder & Previous Chief Medical Officer at Oscar Health

James Lloyd
Current Cofound & CTO of Redox 

Dave Henderson
Business Development 
Cofounder & Previous President of Oscar Health. Current CEO at DayTwo

Cathy Farmer
Autism Research & Advocate
Board Member: Organization of Autism Research. Ex-Kaiser executive

Julie Donahue
Employee Benefits
Past executive and Pinnacle Care and AbleTo Health

David McGee, Ph.D Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence 
Past head of R&D at Nuance

Kip Piper
Federal Medicaid & Medicare for the White House
Previous budget officer for Medicaid & Medicare.  Previous state health officer for Wisconsin 


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