Attentive Health Group

Raising capital for acquiring high quality, profitable home health companies.

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 We are seeking funding for acquisitions and are in the pre-revenue stage. We are looking at very profitable companies which will be extremely capable of covering any financing with their current cashflow. We will be improving efficiency and increasing profits of these acquired companies.
We are a team with 290 years of combined experience with expert consultants in the industry, operations, finance, legal and M&A. We have industry specific experts with over 40 years who also consult PE, hedge funds and VCs in these deals, experts in JCAHO, and people who have merged entire health systems and consult state health agencies and even other countries.
All acquisitions will be subject to Board approval and proper due diligence. We are looking to fund a string of deals rather than one at a time.
We will be looking to consolidate operations, reducing expenses, to re-invest for the growth and expansion of the company. Our ultimate goal is to be the largest in the industry through unparalleled added value and immense growth. 

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