Arlington Jr High School

A FUSE initiative, the redevelopment of a 64,000 sf historic building in Gastonia, NC into condos, rooftop restaurants, event and retail spaces

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Arlington is a 64,000 square foot historic building on nearly 4 acres within the FUSE redevelopment project in Gastonia, NC. We visualize 1 and 2 bedroom condos and studio apartments in what was oversized classrooms, rooftop restaurants and ground level retail spacess. The 8,000 square foot gym to be an event space.  The location is walkable and within a mile of the new baseball stadium.  The area is included in the city's plan for redevelopment. Franklin Urban Sports and Entertainment (FUSE) District is the city of Gastonia's economic development initiative that connects to downtown, creating a viable and attractive area for residents, visitors and investors. Arlington Jr high school was built in 1924, closed in 1987 and has been vacant ever since. The distinguished masonry is in excellent shape and has a replacement value of 5 million dollars on just brick. The original school was expanded in the 1950's with a gym and cafeteria. While the brick exterior is in excellent condition, everything inside needs updating. The original part of the building needs a roof. Behind the property is an active school and new playground with a shared entrance to one of two parking lots. Both parking lots have 2 entrances, along with sidewalks that are all in good shape.  The 100 year old chestnut trees on the front lawn of the school add a sense of sustainablitity, beauty and promise to the property.

About the owner... 
Darryl Ottley is a licensed electrical contractor and has owned Ottley Electrical Services for 20 years in Charlotte, NC. He has earned a pristene reputation by providing the highest quality of electical service to his repeat clientele. Darryl also has long standing relationships with inspectors employed by the city of Charlotte. Darryl served as superintendent for fire alarm installation, security alarm and temporary electrical service in the building of the Knights stadium. He spent 24 months on the Nascar Hall of Fame and has experience developing several Subway stores. He also has done work for the owners of the local Shomars restaurants in their personal homes. His signature work is requested by many contractors and property management companies on an ongoing basis. Darryl provides electrical services to Victory Lane Karting, going on for over 10 years. In addition to running his business, Darryl also serves as facilty manager for Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, the second largest church in Charlotte. In this capacity he oversees repairs, maintenance and development for 17 buildings and 140 acres inside Charlotte. Prior to opening his business, Darryl worked at Zerox in New York as senior client account manager. He managed 31 technicians in 4 states where he claimed and maintained the highest customer satisfaction awards in the entire company. 

Darryl offers invaluable resources and advantages in the redevelopment of Arlington. He can keep the project on target and on time by managing contractors he already has relationships with. The only missing element for the successful rehab of Arlington, is money. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration in the redevelopment of Arlington.  

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