Atlas Pliers

We are raising $100k to launch the Atlas Pliers into the orthodontic field. With the patent, marketing, sales team and manufacturing set, we're ready to go live.

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We've developed a tool that will be the standard of care in all dental offices that practice orthodontics, roughly 165,000 within the U.S., at present.  Partnering with manufacturing and direct sales, the Atlas Pliers are ready to be introduced nationwide.  

Our approach is a multiple-front approach.

Within the industry, we'll be utilizing MedMark, specifically, their publication Orthodontic Practice US.  Circulating in more than 80% of U.S. based orthodontic practices, this will be many practices introduction to the Atlas Pliers.

The Atlas Pliers are being manufactured by ProDentUSA.  This team has been manufacturing dental tools and instruments since the 1940's, to a long-standing international practice base.   ProDent will also be instrumental with the international launch of the Atlas Pliers, with those channels long established.  

The direct, in-practice demonstrations will be handled by Promoveo Health.  With each rep within the field presenting at 96 practices a month, combined with their field reps impressive conversion rate, bringing Promoveo on to the Atlas team will bring this product to the forefront of the U.S. market, quickly.

Media endeavors are being handled by R11 Creatives.  Founded by Mr. Les Dean, he and the R11 team have worked within the healthcare industry for decades.  With media campaigns going directly to the practices, doctors and clinical teams, this multi-faceted approach ensures that all groups who will clinically be using the Atlas Pliers know about it's existence, as well as demand it for their practices.   

What does the Atlas Pliers do?  The Atlas Pliers reduces the patient pain by 80%, in-chair time by 60%, while keeping the operator in a position of comfort, reducing shoulder fatigue drastically.

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