Aquarius Silver

A product that provides an affordable watch/phone device for seniors and disabled. An easy to use product with massive positive implications for seniors

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We have worked in the in-home care industry for many years. What we have found is that technology to help seniors becomes very complicated so that seniors and family give up. Falls in the US for seniors is very common but what many people do not realize is that once that fall happens many seniors stay on the floor for sometimes hours or even days. What if a senior falls and they were able to call emergency services or family with their watch. No need for a smartphone as the watch will be able to do what they need. If they need to talk to family using bluetooth technology that connects to their hearing aides our product will be able to do that.

Silver Alerts?
               What if you could give your loved one one of these watches and they drive away and get lost? With active geolocation standards on the watch a loved one or emergency services will be able to find the senior before its too late.
Taking off watch for a shower?
                Well, the watch will be able to listen for the fall while its off their wrist.
False fall detection?
                The device will be able to ask and time a response before reaching out for help.
Losing hearing aides constantly?
                Through the consumer website, customers will be able to purchase low cost hearing aides to be sent to their homes. With costs low for seniors they will be able to afford replacements often if needed.
Family app                
                Families will have piece of mind with a widget for their phone and "manager access" on their phone or computer to monitor their loved ones from anywhere in the world.
Ease of Access (controlled)
                Controlled and ease of information on the watch face for seniors so they can call loved ones, monitor basic vitals, all with access limits set by family managers on the account. A must for seniors with dementia
               On the website family and seniors will be able to customize their watch bands and hearing aid styles to purchase that fits their personality or to remind them of their favorite watch look from times past. Great for seniors with dementia to keep the watch on for monitoring.
               Multiple alerts for family managers to choose from low battery, heart rate limits, activity, and GPS to set so that they will be alerted anywhere in the world on their smart device. 

We are close to done with coding phase. We have picked out or watch devices to use and in testing phase for those. We are applying for the patent very soon once all coding is finished. We are asking for funding do to the fact they we want to provide this service nationally in the US then, Mexico and Canada next. We have a firm to help with advertising and want to go bold on this aspect. We have experience in building business from the ground up and know what it takes to be successful. We know what the industry needs to help seniors stay in touch with useful technology that is comprehensive and innovative but simple to use for them. The tech industry has realized this many years ago for user friendly technology for teens, young adults,  ect. This tech will do the same in the realm of what a senior needs from technology. 

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