America’s Board

1st real challenger brand to LinkedIn. No sales people, No spam, No censorship. Invite ONLY.

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We are developing a niche,  exclusive, invite only, LinkedIn competitor  to be branded as "America's Board ". ....From a tech standpoint, think the " best " of Linkedin and the " best " of Telegram. We have a major dev firm working on the project & they are taking a small equity stake. 2 major distribution deals also close to fruition.; with more in the pipe....Development to be done by early Q2.

Target is U.S. only 

C Suite 



I bankers , hedge funds et al. 

Serial entrepreneur at the helm. This person has built multiple successful / profitable companies. 18 years in sales, marketing , digital media & InsureTech. Raising $100K @ very attractive terms. Next round will be big ( Q2 2022) at a very high valuation

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