ALPHA functions Web Development LLC

Raising $50,000 for operational expenses, purchase of software, hosting and maintenance fees as well as purchase of computer equipment.

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We are a web development startup that designs and builds mobile responsive high-performance, progressive web applications and  web sites with database integration, e-commerce, government compliance,  front-end or back-end integration or any and all IT/ Web needs for firms and individuals.
Our team consists of two business partners. Sean Brennan is our lead developer in charge of all technical aspects of the business. He has extensive experience in  Web Development, management and holds numerous certifications in  programming languages and full-stack web development. Sean has held numerous management positions throughout his career and he will apply this experience  towards success of our company. 
Gennadiy Drach is in charge of finance, fundraising, accounting, marketing and all business aspects of our company.  Gennadiy is a senior in University of Houston's renown Bauer College of Business, majoring in Finance and minoring in Accounting.  His education and drive will ensure a  bright future for our business.  A complete list of our credentials is available upon request.
We are currently focusing on web page design and development with  a plan to begin subscription-based  hosting and site maintenance services in the near future. We pride ourselves on on cultivating long-term client relationships and offer our clients unmatched access to our development team. We are also working on a number of projects and mobile applications. The funding we require will be applied toward operational expenses, purchase of virtual/cloud hosting service, purchase of computer equipment and potentially hiring and training of support staff to help our Lead developer implement client's requirements.
After spending a considerable amount of time in the IT market,  we realized just how difficult it is for clients to find quality, competent support for their web projects.  Outsourcing of technical support  may cut labor costs in the short-term but it creates an inconvenience for clients when they have to struggle with language barriers and staff which does not have intimate knowledge of their project.  ALPHA functions is an American company.  We will only hire US-based personnel and our clients will always communicate with developers who work on their project. While some of our future developers may be based in other US cities, all our operations and support will remain in Texas.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We look forward to answering any questions.

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