Autonomous traffic management - a smart choice for smart cities

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Traffic congestion in growing cities and urban areas is a major problem, and infrastructure upgrades are slow and costly.  We provide a cost effective and efficient alternative.  Our goal is to reduce traffic congestion and enable the growth of smart cities through the use of our autonomous traffic management system which features our proprietary artificial intelligence. Our system quickly and easily installs onto existing traffic signals to monitor and direct traffic flow.  Each system is standalone, so a city can install just at critical junctions and pay as they go.  It is efficient, reliable, and helps to reduce emissions by reduction of engine idling time, allowing the growth of greener urban centers.  It also gathers aggregate data for traffic monitoring and analysis, and we aim to monetize this data stream along with the system itself.  Our system comes with a subscription service which will provide software updates and an increasingly efficient and continuously improving product.

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